A site where people can post ideas for applications/websites/games. Other visitors can help refine them, suggest ideas for them, etc. If an idea proves to have potential, it moves from 'The Bath' (where people have ideas) to 'The Lab' (where people start developing it, proving concepts, looking around for other interested people to help with the final build. If something goes into production, it moves to 'The Factory' where a dedicated build team create whatever it is and keep a blog of development progress before finishing up in 'The Shop' where people can buy/play/download whatever has been created.

It's a way of getting the people with ideas in touch with the people who make things. It will have plenty of collaborative social aspects and encourage community feedback all the way through the process. People should be free to take any of the ideas and develop them however they like (opensourceideas) but if the community builds up around The Lab, keeping it associated would be a good idea.