Reading over recent posts, you may have gotten the impression that I'm a bit of a geek. I occasionally need to remind myself that I wasn't always so this weekend, I took a few hours and drew a picture of Oskar (the youngling).

Here are a few pictures I took of the drawing as it came along. Apologies for the quality not being great but my drawing studio isn't the best setup for photography.

First sketch of Oskar
Initial sketch of his head.
Second sketch of Oskar
A bit more arm.
Third sketch of Oskar
Some detail on the eyes to try and get a feel for the style.
Fourth sketch of Oskar
Shading around the head and detail on the mouth.
Fifth sketch of Oskar
Detail on his clothing.
Sixth sketch of Oskar
Texture and depth added to the arm.
Seventh sketch of Oskar
More depth to the clothes.
eighth sketch of Oskar