I never really marketed it much but I wrote a book called ‘Explanating’ a couple of years ago. I even decided to self-publish1 and organised ISBNs and everything.

The book is an "illustrated collection of completely plausible but entirely untrue explanations of everyday phenomena". Basically, it's lots of the kinds of things you might make up to explain something to a kid if you really have no idea. Hence the name ‘Explanating’ – it's kinda like explaining but not quite right. It also has a rather nice cheesecake recipe in the appendix. I put it on Lulu and Amazon and didn't really do anything else with it. I did try to get it in the iBookstore but that seems to be a horribly complicated process if you aren't based in the US.

Now available for the low, low price of...

Rather than have the book sit around for another few years not doing anything useful, I've decided to try something new. You can now download the book for free from explanating.com in your ebook format of choice (PDF, ePub, Mobi). You don't have to pay anything.

Unless you want to.

If you read it and decide you like it, you can come back to the site any time and buy it from Lulu or Amazon for £1.71 (or the equivalent in USD or EUR or wherever you happen to be). Or not, you could like it and keep it and not pay anything. It's entirely up to you. And your conscience :D.

Download, read, buy

I have no idea if anyone will actually take me up on this offer but I hope some people do, at least, enjoy the book. If nothing else, make the cheesecake, it's delicious.

And that URL once more