After seeing this collection of the 892 different ways you can partition a 3 x 4 grid1, I was struck by a thought. If these were generated as HTML templates, they could be combined with a couple of other useful websites and become a nice, API-driven site builder2.

The process

  • On the site-building webpage, you'd enter a few keywords describing the site you want and drag a slider along between 1 and 12 to specify how many content areas you want. The value from the slider would be used to pick a template randomly from the number available for that combination of panels.
  • This template would be dropped into the middle of an HTML 5 boilerplate (possibly generated via Initializr)
  • The keywords would be passed to ColorAPI to generate an asthetically pleasing colour-scheme
  • The keywords would then be passed to FlickHoldr along with the dimensions of some of the areas from the template to get relevant imagery
  • Grab some lorem ipsum of the right length from LoremIpscream to fill out the content areas of the site
  • Done. Your asthetically pleasing, nicely designed site is ready to download within a few seconds.

Once this service has been created, I'm fairly sure me and the rest of the industry will be out of a job.