I love making silly little digital toys. If I were more confident at talking waffle, I'd call them art and get a government grant to pursue the possibilities presented in projects integrating off and online expression and interaction and blah, blah, blah.


I took my 'Automatic Tumblr Art Maker' from last year and combined it with the hot new thing in town – Instagram – to make some kind of comment about the inherent nature of technology to remove the individuality from a composition and to put another barrier between the intention and reception. Or something. I dunno. It randomly generates a pseudo-meaningful statement and puts it on top of a randomly selected recent Instagram photo. It makes a new one every 15 seconds or you can click to generate one if you prefer your ironic art on demand.

I've also added a couple of nice little extras to it: the tweet button in the bottom right will let you share a link to the exact combination of image and statement you're looking at so if you find a particularly poignant/ironic/idiotic one, you can share it. Also, on the off-chance you fancy using it as a screensaver, making it fullscreen will hide that tweet button so as not to get in the way of The Art.

Go, make ironic Insta-art.