As regular readers are probably aware, one of my side projects is helping out Museum140 with tech and design support (building websites, designing stickers, etc). Jenni's the main driving force behind some of the coolest “Museums and Social Media” projects of the past year.

The Museum140 project is in the running for a Shorty Award so I thought I'd help out by making a promo video. Of course, it's always best to play to your strengths so I built the video as a web page…


HTML5 slideshows are all pretty cool (I even used one myself a few months back) but most of them deliberately emulate traditional slide presentations. When I saw ImpressJS for the first time last week, I was astounded. Its style is based on but built using CSS3 rather than Flash. As well as being an inventive way of giving presentations, it also gave me an idea.

A couple of hours coding later and we've got a simple but stylish video with every word and phrase positioned perfectly. I wrote a little helper function to assist in creating a consistent timeline and recorded it in Screenflow. After that, I spent 10 minutes with the other kind of keyboard and came out with a nice little piece of background music, too.

The Video

There you go, ImpressJS is not only good for slideshow but also promo videos. Not bad.


It would also be remiss of me if I didn't ask those of you with a twitter account to at least consider voting.