A year ago, I started a little experiment (and not one of my usual web experiments).

I decided to give away my book, Explanating, for free. The website has links to download the book without charge and also links through to Amazon and Lulu. I asked people to download the free one then, if they enjoyed it, they could come back and buy it.

Twelve months later, I now have the answer.

  • Free: 315
  • Amazon: 2
  • Lulu: 0

Erm. Yeah. Not quite as successful as I would have liked. Still, the point was to measure the 'conversion rate'. Admittedly, it's a small sample size but it would appear to be about 0.6%. At this rate, I only need another 97,465,886 people to download the free one and I'll have made £1,000,000! Sweet!