In my opinion, seed snacks are pretty much the perfect web dev snack: they're tasty, they're low-fat, they're vegan-friendly, they're gluten-free. I've always got a tub of some next to my monitor so, when I'm chewing over a tricky layout, I can grab a handful and chew them, too.

This repository collects some of my favourite seed recipes and I'm hoping that other web devs can clone the project, roast their own, suggest improvements and submit a pull request. If you have any other easy to make snacks (such as nut snack recipes), feel free to submit them, too.

Eating tips

From observation, seed eaters tend to fall into one of these categories:


Pour and Snarf

Pour a few into your hand, tip them into your mouth in a oner. Good when you're in a hurry. Can lead to stray seeds falling into the keyboard.

Considerate Ant-eater

Considerate Ant-eater

Pour a few into your hand, stick your tongue into the pile of seeds, retract.

Solo Ant-eater

Solo Ant-eater

Stick your tongue directly into the tub of seeds. Clean, efficient, not good for sharing.

Ice-cream scoop

Ice-cream scoop

Use a spoon. Good for sharing and minimises mess. Prevents multi-tasking. Feels kind of like using your mouse to go Edit > Copy when ctrl-C is right there.

Rousing call-to-arms

The stereotypical image of the geek - bottle of cola on one side, jumbo bag of chips on the other, little desire to do anything beyond the computer - has never really been true for the majority. We're all kinds of different people - mountain climbers, cyclists, needlepoint workers, knitters. The people that played on the football team and the ones who didn't get picked. We deserve more than just nachos.

Also nachos.

Open Source Snacks

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