I think I've figured out the next break-out TV competition show: The Great British Web App

Round 1: The Microsite

Each team is presented with a PSD and a Word doc. You've got 1 hour to slice up the images, mark up the content and deploy a microsite advertising an event. The judges are harsh on anyone demoing on localhost.

Round 2: The Magazine

Using the tools, frameworks and languages of your choice, design, develop and deploy a magazine-style web site with full CMS and social media share buttons.

Teams are judged on semantic markup, SEO friendliness and accessibility audit score.

Round 3: The Masterpiece

Your chance to show off. You have 4 hours to build the shiniest, scrollbar-misusing, WebGL-heavy, experimental web masterpiece possible to match the client brief "Anything, as long as it pops!".

You only get points if it's mobile-friendly and works on IE 6.


The Winners of the Grand Finale get a copy of Dreamweaver 4 and enrolled in a Coursera course on how to retrain as a baker...

Bonus Technical challenge for the celebrity edition

Rebuild a classic HTML element using the latest web technologies - implement <marquee> using Web Components or <blink> using Web Sockets.