1+ players

The aim is to get the highest number possible after using each of your tokens.

There is 1 die

Each player has 4 tokens with different symbols on:

+ × ÷

Each player rolls the die and the number they get is their starting number.

Lowest score starts. If there's a draw, youngest of those starts.

Each round:

  1. Roll the die
  2. Choose one of your operations.
  3. Perform your operation with the new number and your existing number. Try to get the highest score
  4. Discard your operation token. You only get to use each operation once.

Note: When the calculation is a division with a remainder, you can either discard the remainder or continue with decimals, depending on who is playing.

Example game:

2 players.

A rolls 2, B rolls 3. A has the lowest starting number so they start

  1. Round 1
    • A rolls a 4. They decide to use their + operation. They now have 6.
    • B rolls a 1. They use their ÷ . They still have 3.
  2. Round 2
    • A rolls 6. They use their × . They have 36.
    • B rolls 5. They use their × . B now has 15
  3. Round 3
    • A rolls another 6. They've already used their × so they have to either subtract 6 or divide by 6. They use . They have 30
    • B rolls 2. They + it. B has 17
  4. Round 4
    • A rolls another 6! Now they only have their ÷ left. They have to divide 30 by 6. Now they have 5.
    • B rolls 3. They have their left. B has 14.

B wins.


  • For advanced maths, add in the power and root symbols ^
  • Try to get the lowest score instead of the highest.
  • Try to get the lowest score without going below zero.