The reason I finally got round to finishing my site is that I built a neat little CMS temporarily called 's is small' and wanted to do something interesting with it. It doesn't really do anything that other CMSs don't, I just felt like making it.

It does, however, have some fairly cool things built in:


  • If you attach a video to a post, it'll be automatically converted from whatever format you have (AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc) into FLV and embeded in your post using Jeroen Wijering's FLV Player.
  • If you upload an image, it'll get resized then wrapped in Lightbox
  • MP3s are automatically embedded in a flash MP3 player


  • Put your username in and you can get a flash or image based list of your Top 10 artists (or most recent played or whatever...)
  • Put your flickr username in and it'll include your latest photos.
  • You can set up your flickr account to 'blog this' to automatically include people's flickr posts in your blog (using the Metablog API)
  • Put your Open Source Food username in and it'll randomly include one of your recipes.
  • You can set it to be your personal OpenID server
  • Automatic inclusion of a bunch of Google stuff: calendars, analytics and maps.

Other stuff

  • RSS feeds for each category
  • Some nifty anti-spam stuff...
  • ...which comes in handy for the comments
  • A simple way to add on any kind of extra functionality as modules
  • Support for MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Automatic installation and database setup (just upload the files and everything will install the first time you visit your site)
  • Depending on your server setup, the whole thing generally comes in at about 2MB (including the flash movie player and everything)

Of course, the next thing I need to do is make a site for the CMS itself and let other people have a go at it.