Your country needs you... stand at the cutting edge of technology.

Sounds awfully impressive, don't you think?

There are quite a few regulations to bear in mind and comply with when developing a website for a Government organisation or any large public body. This has lead to a lot of sites being developed in a very defensive manner, ensuring safe compliance at the expense of a great and consistent user experience.

This video features a presentation about how large publicly-liable institutions should and can embrace the latest in web technologies without sacrificing standards. By embracing them, in fact.

The content of this was developed while planning and building the National Museums Scotland website which launched last November. The messages presented are applicable to museums, galleries, swimming pools, councils, anywhere, really.

If you're a techie person in the cultural or government sector, you might find this useful in convincing others to take advantage of the latest cool (and useful) technologies.


HTML5 for Large Public Bodies from Simon Madine on Vimeo.

Links from the presentation


The source for the slides is available online although it's mostly webkit-friendly. I realise the irony of a presentation about cross-platform HTML5 not being a great example itself of that but it does degrade adequately. If I get the time in the future, I'll tidy it up. An actual good (and relevant) example of cross-platform web technologies is the National Museums Scotland website itself which performs fantastically across all manner of platforms.