Another port of the TextMate theme 'Cobalt' to Vim?

But there are already so many!

Yes. Yes there are. However, the other ones I found were all missing something. Some had the right colours but in the wrong places, some had most of the right things highlighted but in slightly wrong colours. None of them had coloured the line-numbers. I think this is the most complete port. The initial work was done automatically using Coloration and then manually tweaked and added to. I know I should probably have just picked one of the existing GitHub projects, cloned it and pushed to it but I feel it would be a tad presumptuous of me to just turn up in someone's repository one day saying "yeah, you did alright but mine's better". Besides, I've never tried making a theme for Vim before. I've probably done something wrong (see below). If it continues to work for a while without causing any major issues, I might look at pushing it to another repo.

This was done on top of a vanilla install of the excellent Janus configuration of MacVim so whatever plugins are installed by default may have an affect on this.

There are a few limitations in the syntax files enabled by default so this includes a couple of matches, regions and things that really shouldn't be in a colorscheme file but I've included them because I felt like it and it was the only way to really match some of the highlighting TextMate allows (this is the thing I was referring to above).

I haven't really touched the NerdTree colouring much as it's probably impossible to have different background colours in different panes. Can't guarantee that, though.


There are probably some conventions to do with how to organise a GitHub project so that it can be automatically installed but I've just gone with sticking it in a directory called 'colors' so it can be pulled in from the root of your ~/.vim directory.

If you're using Janus, add this to ~/.janus.rake, I think it'll work:

vim_plugin_task "Cobalt.vim", "git://github.com/thingsinjars/Cobalt.vim.git"

If you're not using Janus, you probably know what you're doing anyway.

The GitHub project is here:


The first of each pair is Vim, the second is the TextMate original.

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